Trump lashes out, As Nikki Haley celebrates 2nd place in New Hampshire and vows to stay in

Former President Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Republican primary, securing his second consecutive win in the party's nominating race, defeating his major rival, Nikki Haley.

Following his win, Trump criticized his opponent Nikki Haley's remarks, referring to her as an "imposter" who claimed victory. This underscores the intensifying rivalry between the two candidates as they head into subsequent primary contests.

Despite her second-place finish, Nikki Haley remains determined to challenge Trump, asserting that "our fight is not over." She emphasizes her ability to gradually erode Trump's support base by persisting in the race, starting with the upcoming primary in South Carolina.

Trump maintains a significant lead in polls and has garnered support from prominent Republicans. Many party members, including Senators and House representatives, have endorsed him, reinforcing his stronghold within the GOP.

Haley entered the New Hampshire primary with several advantages, including an endorsement from Governor Chris Sununu and an open-primary format. Despite polls showing her within single digits of Trump, his lead widened as the election drew closer.

 As Haley emerges as the main alternative to Trump, he and his allies have intensified their attacks on her, including mispronouncing her name and questioning her eligibility for the presidency based on her parents' immigrant status.

Trump dismisses Haley's performance, stating that she "failed badly." This highlights the escalating tension between the two candidates as they vie for dominance in the upcoming primary races.

 Nikki Haley challenges Trump to a debate, a proposition he has declined thus far. This further underscores the growing animosity between the two contenders and sets the stage for future confrontations.

 Trump's list of endorsements continues to grow, with influential figures urging party unity and support for him as the Republican nominee. Senator Tim Scott emphasizes the need for conservatives to rally behind Trump for the upcoming general election.

 On the Democratic front, President Joe Biden secures a victory in the New Hampshire primary. However, the focus of his campaign remains on the broader challenge of defeating Trump in the upcoming general election, with the Democrats' next primary scheduled in South Carolina on Feb. 3.