Top 10 Places to Visit in Vrindavan 

Banke Bihari Temple: – One of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. – Known for its unique deity of Lord Krishna, who is believed to be self-manifested.

ISKCON Temple: – A modern and grand temple complex. – Offers a spiritual and cultural experience with beautiful architecture and gardens.

Prem Mandir: – A temple that beautifully depicts the divine love between Radha and Krishna. – Famous for its illuminated structure and surrounding gardens.

Radha Raman Temple: – A historic temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. – Known for the deity of Radha Raman, which is said to be self-manifested.

Govind Dev Temple: – A significant temple that holds immense religious importance. – Houses the deity of Govind Dev, a form of Lord Krishna.

Madan Mohan Temple: – One of the oldest temples in Vrindavan. – Dedicated to Lord Krishna in the form of Madan Mohan (the enchanting one).

Seva Kunj and Nidhuban: – A beautiful garden where it is believed that Lord Krishna performed Raas Leela with Radha. – The place is known for its peaceful ambiance and scenic surroundings.

Kesi Ghat: – A sacred bathing ghat on the Yamuna River. – Associated with the pastime of Lord Krishna defeating the demon Kesi.

Rangaji Temple: – Dedicated to Lord Ranganatha (a form of Lord Vishnu). – Features a South Indian architectural style, making it unique in Vrindavan.

Yamuna River: – Take a peaceful walk along the Yamuna River, where Lord Krishna is believed to have performed various divine activities. – Many ghats along the river offer serene and spiritual vibes.