The Truth Behind Muscle Myths

Myth: Targeting specific areas burns fat there.  Truth: Fat loss is overall; focus on full-body workouts.

Myth: Women bulk like men with weightlifting.  Truth: Females lack testosterone for significant bulking.

Myth: High reps tone, low reps bulk muscles.  Truth: Both contribute to muscle definition, diet matters more.

Myth: Pain during exercise equals gains.  Truth: Pain may indicate injury; listen to your body.

Myth: Daily workouts accelerate muscle growth.  Truth: Muscles need time to recover, rest is essential.

Myth: More protein means more muscle. Truth: Adequate protein is crucial, excess won't boost gains.

Myth: Isolation exercises are superior for growth.  Truth: Compound movements engage multiple muscles efficiently.

Myth: Everyone can attain the same muscle size.  Truth: Genetics influence muscle potential; plateaus are natural.