Schools don't want kids on cellphones. Is banning them the solution?

Schools ban cellphones, hoodies for safety. Superintendent cites bullying, distractions affecting academic focus.

Worldwide surge in cellphone bans for safety, mental health. England, Finland, France, and The Netherlands adopt strict policies.

Teens and parents divided on cellphone bans. Proponents emphasize benefits for academics and mental well-being.

From 90% bans in 2009 to 78% in 2019. Pandemic resurgence prompts stricter regulations. Conflicting views on effectiveness.

Critics argue bans disproportionately impact low-income, Black, and brown students. Inconsistent discipline leads to petitions.

Lawsuits seek accountability for negative effects on student mental health. Calls for parental controls on addictive platforms.

Research supports cellphone bans for improved academic performance. Concerns over distractions, addiction, and mental health.

International push for bans. Critics note inconsistent enforcement. Advocates emphasize the need for self-directed strategies.

Luxemburg-Casco Middle School's success story. Improved student engagement, social interactions, and parental support.

Balancing safety concerns, distractions, and academic needs. Student perspectives on emergencies and active shooter situations.