Hundreds of Migrants Dropped Off in New Jersey

Migrants' Detour to New Jersey – Hundreds rerouted from Texas to New Jersey to avoid NYC order.

New York City's Restrictive Order – 13 buses, 450 migrants took detour amid new rules.

Fulop's Statement – Mayor Fulop sees NJ as a bypass for NYC limits.

Governor Murphy's Spokeswoman – NJ coordinates closely with federal and NYC officials.

Adams' New Rules – Mayor Adams limits bus arrivals, seeks order amid crisis.

Abbott's Actions – Gov. Abbott sends 25,000 migrants to NYC, faces criticism.

Adams' Chicago Model – NYC's order mirrors Chicago's limits on migrant arrivals.

Strict Arrival Rules – Adams' order: specific arrival times, manifests, penalties.

Challenges in Enforcement – Secaucus Mayor voices concerns; unintended effects emerge.