Man Found Guilty of Murder in Wrong-Driveway Shooting in Upstate N.Y.

Kevin Monahan, 66, was convicted of second-degree murder for fatally shooting a 20-year-old woman, Kaylin Gillis, in a tragic incident involving a mistaken driveway entry.

The Incident Date: April 15 Circumstances: Monahan fired a .20-gauge shotgun, hitting a car carrying Kaylin Gillis in the neck as she and friends attempted to find a party location in rural Hebron, N.Y.

Monahan's Defense Monahan's Testimony: Claimed the fatal shot was accidental, fired after tripping on his porch. Fear and Confusion: Monahan, described as an "old man," allegedly feared an attack by what he perceived as "marauders."

Prosecution's Argument Doubts About Danger: Prosecutors questioned the level of danger, noting the vehicles were turning around to leave. Animus and Callousness: Prosecutors argued Monahan acted out of anger, not fear, with disregard for the visitors on his property.

Jury Verdict Guilty on Multiple Charges: The jury took less than two hours to deliver guilty verdicts on second-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence. Rejection of Defense: The jury rejected Monahan's accidental shot explanation.

Evidence Against Monahan Body-Cam Footage: Used to show inconsistencies in Monahan's initial statements to authorities. 911 Calls: Demonstrated Monahan's attempt to mislead law enforcement about the events that transpired.

Community Impact Local and National Shock: Kaylin Gillis's death resonated locally and nationally, reflecting the broader issue of gun violence. Comparison to Similar Incidents: Reference to another recent shooting in Kansas City, Mo., adding context to the unfortunate pattern of mistaken entries leading to tragic outcomes.

Victim's Impact Testimonies from Friends: Friends described the harrowing scene, recalling the suddenness of the shotgun blast and the desperate attempts to save Kaylin Gillis. Emotional Toll: Highlighted the emotional toll on the victim's family and friends.

family's Response Father's Statement: Andrew Gillis expressed a desire for a harsh punishment, saying, "I just hope to God he dies in jail." Relief and Gratitude: The family's lawyer expressed relief and gratitude for the verdict, acknowledging the ongoing mourning process.

Sentencing and Conclusion Sentencing Date: March 1 Potential Penalty: Monahan faces 25 years to life in state prison. District Attorney's Statement: Emphasized the tragedy inflicted on Kaylin Gillis's family and friends, hoping the verdict provides a small step forward for them.