Panthers promote Dan Morgan, a former player, to GM. His unique perspective is set to lead the team to new heights.

Morgan, former player turned GM, transitioned from Seahawks intern to Panthers' assistant GM through hard work and dedication.

Morgan's 2001 draft brought awards, transforming Panthers' defense from worst to second-best in NFL during his seven-year playing career.

Morgan's journey began as a coaching intern in 2010, evolving through various roles to his current position as Panthers' assistant GM.

Morgan contributed to the Buffalo Bills' success, showcasing his personnel management skills and influence across multiple NFL teams.

Morgan faces the challenge of selecting a new head coach after recent coaching changes, aiming to usher in a new era for the Panthers.

Morgan aims to break the Panthers' 6-year playoff drought, a task compounded by the absence of key draft picks. Building a competitive team is essential.

With no first-round pick in the upcoming draft and a missing second-rounder next year, Morgan must navigate challenges to build a competitive roster.

Morgan's focus is on assembling a team around Bryce Young, the 2023 No. 1 overall pick, as the Panthers strive for success in the coming seasons.

Morgan's success as Panthers GM hinges on strategic decisions, overcoming challenges, and building a winning team. Follow "The Scoop" for updates on the team's progress.