"Clippers vs. Celtics Showdown: NBA Drama Unfolds at TD Garden"

LA Clippers seek redemption against Boston Celtics in a high-stakes NBA showdown.

Boston handed LA a tough loss, but Clippers, with a 21-4 record since, aim for payback.

The Celtics boast a 20-1 home record, creating a tough challenge for the Clippers on the road.

Clippers' potent offense clashes with a shaky defense, posing a test against Boston's solid play.

Key players like Porzingis and George face doubts, impacting the starting lineups for both squads.

Betting tips highlight potential challenges for key players like Jaylen Brown and Kawhi Leonard.

The clash features star players like Tatum, Brown, Leonard, and Harden, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

The Clippers aim to cover the spread but face a tough challenge at Boston's formidable TD Garden.

A critical NBA matchup unfolds as the Clippers try to disrupt the Celtics' home dominance.