In 2023, the U.S.-Israel relationship faced a severe test during the Israel-Hamas war. Explore the challenges and decisions faced by President Biden.

Biden faced a tough choice when a Gaza hospital explosion strained relations. He opted to fly to Israel despite uncertainty, taking personal ownership of the crisis.

Over 12 weeks, U.S.-Israel ties evolved from solidarity to friction. Biden's involvement in the conflict sparked dissent within the U.S., testing diplomatic relations.

Biden confronted internal opposition to supporting Israel's actions. Diplomats, political appointees, and lawmakers questioned the U.S. stance, creating tension.

Biden pressed Israel to shift from extensive bombing to targeted special forces operations. Tensions peaked as the U.S. sought to influence Israel's approach.

Efforts were made to negotiate a new hostage deal, a halt to fighting, and an arrangement with Hezbollah. The complexity of regional dynamics unfolded behind the scenes.

Fears of a wider war haunted Biden. The delicate balance of preventing escalation with Iran and managing Israeli actions defined the early stages of the crisis.

Biden's involvement included numerous calls and visits, pressing Israel on strategic decisions. He aimed to avert a broader conflict and influence post-war Gaza.

A significant dispute emerged on the post-war plan for Gaza. Biden proposed a role for the Palestinian Authority, but Netanyahu resisted, revealing a policy divide.

Frustrated by civilian casualties, Biden maintained support for Israel but voiced concerns. The strained relationship tested diplomatic norms amid global criticism.

Despite strained calls and public disagreements, the U.S. administration refrained from drastic policy shifts. The delicate dance between Biden and Netanyahu continued.

The strained U.S.-Israel relationship faced challenges, but both sides recognized mutual dependence. The path forward remained uncertain amid ongoing negotiations.

As 2023 concluded, the U.S.-Israel relationship stood at a critical juncture, reflecting the complexity of navigating international diplomacy during a crisis.