Banded Squats: 9 Ways to Do Them

Start with feet shoulder-width apart, band above knees. Squat down, keeping tension on the band for a powerful lower body workout.

Classic Form

Widen your stance, toes pointed out. Loop the band around thighs, enhancing resistance for a targeted inner thigh engagement.

Sumo Variation

Add intensity by incorporating short pulses at the bottom of each squat. The band intensifies muscle activation, sculpting your legs effectively.

Pulse Squats

Step side to side, maintaining a squat position. Bands around your thighs engage outer glutes, helping tone and strengthen your hip muscles.

Lateral Walks

Elevate your routine by placing the band across your shoulders, creating resistance throughout the squat. Ideal for a challenging full-body workout.

Front Rack Squats

Step back into a lunge while wrapping the band around the front thigh. This dynamic move targets quads, hamstrings, and glutes simultaneously.

Reverse Lunges with Bands

Double up on bands for increased resistance. This advanced variation intensifies the challenge, promoting muscle growth and strength.

High-Resistance Band Squats

Elevate one foot, extending it forward. The band adds instability, engaging stabilizing muscles and enhancing overall balance and coordination.

Single-Leg Squats

Secure the band low, pull it through your legs as you rise from a squat. This movement targets your posterior chain, including hamstrings and glutes.

Band Pull-Throughs