Tragedy Strikes Massachusetts Family as Couple and Teen Daughter Found Dead in Dover Estate

In a devastating turn of events, a Massachusetts family has been discovered lifeless on their Dover estate, sending shockwaves through the tight-knit community. The Norfolk District Attorney’s office, led by Michael Morrissey, confirmed the grim discovery on Thursday evening.

Massachusetts Family

A concerned family member reached out to authorities after finding the home on Wilson’s Way eerily silent. The police, responding promptly to the 911 call at around 7:24 p.m., arrived to find a man, a woman, and their teenage daughter deceased. The investigation unfolded overnight at the sprawling property identified as Enchanted Acres, located at 8 Wilson’s Way.

While the inquiry is in its early stages, evidence gathered so far does not point to the involvement of any external parties. The tragic incident is currently being treated as a case of domestic violence, emphasizing that there is no apparent ongoing threat to the Dover community.

David Traub, the spokesperson for Morrissey’s office, urged caution, stating, “Although the investigation is at a very preliminary stage, the evidence available at this time does not indicate the involvement of any outside party, but suggests that this is a deadly incident of domestic violence.”

As officials work diligently to inform the next of kin, the focus remains on uncovering the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking event. Additional details are expected to be released as the investigation progresses.

The property at 8 Wilson’s Way, identified as Enchanted Acres, stands on a 5.07-acre lot and boasts a 19,355-square-foot mansion with 27 rooms. Built in 2000, the property exchanged hands in 2022 for $3 million and is currently assessed at over $5.9 million, according to state property records.

The community mourns the loss of three lives, awaiting further information that may shed light on this tragic chapter in the history of 8 Wilson’s Way.

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