Kalsubai Night Trekking: for Adventure Enthusiasts

Kalsubai night trek: With a height of 1,646 meters above sea level, Kalsubai is the highest mountain in Maharashtra, India. It is a well-liked location for trekking, particularly during the monsoon season. The Kalsubai night walk offers hikers a singular and thrilling opportunity to take in the Sahyadri range’s majestic grandeur while gazing up at the night sky filled with stars.

It takes around three to four hours to go up to the top from the base hamlet of Bari. The walk is appropriate for seasoned hikers and is rated as fairly demanding. It needs energy, endurance, and physical fitness because there is a hard slope.

After the sun has gone, the night trekkers set off, and they arrive at the peak in the early morning, giving them time to see the sunrise from the top. Panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys may be seen from the summit’s breathtaking vantage point.

Due to the severe nighttime temperature changes, it is imperative to have plenty of water, food, and warm clothes. For your own safety, it’s also advisable to walk with a guide or a group of knowledgeable hikers.

Timing in trekking

While hiking, timing is a crucial consideration because it has a significant influence on both your safety and your entire pleasure. Here are some crucial time factors to remember:

Start time: It’s crucial to get off on your walk early in the day, especially when it’s hot or muggy outside. Starting early helps you to escape the heat of the day while also ensuring that you have enough daylight to complete your walk.

Pace: While hiking, it’s important to keep up a steady pace that can last the entire distance. This entails taking breaks as needed and refraining from going above your limit.

Rest time: It’s important to take pauses at regular intervals to prevent overexertion and to give your body a chance to recover. You might need to stop multiple times throughout the day, depending on how long and strenuous the walk is.

Time of sunset: It is crucial to finish your hike before the sun sets because it might be difficult and hazardous to navigate after dark. Plan your walk in accordance with the time of sunset by keeping track of it.

Season: The time of year you go on your walk might have an impact on how it goes. For instance, it’s crucial to avoid trekking during torrential downpours or thunderstorms during the monsoon season, while you might need to start your hike later in the day during the winter to avoid hiking through the bitter cold.

How to reach Kalsubai

  1. By Air: The nearest airport to Kalsubai is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSIA) in Mumbai. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach the base village of Kalsubai.
  2. By Train: The nearest major railway station is Igatpuri, which is well-connected to Mumbai and other major cities in Maharashtra. From Igatpuri, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the base village.
  3. By Road: The base village for the Kalsubai trek is Bari village, which is approximately 165 kilometers from Mumbai. You can drive or take a bus from Mumbai to reach Bari village. The journey may take around 3-4 hours, depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.
  4. Trekking Route: Once you reach Bari village, the trek to Kalsubai starts from there. The trek is well-marked, and you can follow the trail to reach the summit. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the top, depending on your fitness level.

Best time to visit Kalsubai night trek

The winter season in Maharashtra, which lasts from October to February, is the ideal time to visit Kalsubai for the night hike. Trekking is a great activity during this season because the weather is cool and pleasant. The diversity of temperatures throughout this time allows hikers to enjoy the walk in a comfortable setting.

The Kalsubai trip is especially well-liked during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. The lush vegetation and waterfalls create a beautiful environment. Due to the frequent rainstorms and slick terrain, trekking during this time of year can be difficult, therefore it is important to use caution and prepare for inclement weather.

Trekking is less enjoyable during the summer months of March through May since it can be hot and muggy with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. It might be difficult and uncomfortable to go on a hike during this period, especially during the day.

Overall, the winter months of October to February are ideal for visiting Kalsubai for the night hike since the weather is pleasant and the journey is easier. But if you choose to go hiking during the rainy season, be sure to use caution and dress appropriately.

Kalsubai night trek

Neared place Kalsubai night trek

In the Ahmednagar neighborhood of Maharashtra, India, is where you can find the Kalsubai night trek. Here are some ideas for other locations to visit close to Kalsubai:

Bhandardara: About 28 kilometers away from Kalsubai lies the scenic hill town of Bhandardara. It is well known for its tranquil lakes, waterfalls, and lush vegetation, making it the perfect location for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Igatpuri: About 45 kilometers away from Kalsubai lies the well-known hill town of Igatpuri. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, hiking routes, and historic temples.

Trimbakeshwar: About 80 kilometers from Kalsubai, Trimbakeshwar is a sacred town. It is well-known for having an old Trimbakeshwar Temple, one of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas, and a temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

Nashik: The distance between Kalsubai and Nashik is about 100 kilometers. It is renowned for its extensive historical past, spiritual significance, and wine tourism. The well-known Kumbh Mela, a 12-year Hindu pilgrimage, is also held at Nashik.

These are a few of the well-liked tourist destinations close to Kalsubai, each of which provides a distinctive appeal and experience.

Kalsubai night trek

Stay option Kalsubai night trek

There are several lodging alternatives in the surrounding areas if you intend to participate in the Kalsubai night walk. Here are a few of the well-liked lodging choices close to Kalsubai:

Homestays: The adjacent villages of Bari, Wari, and Samrad offer a variety of homestays. These homestays offer basic conveniences like spotless rooms, comfy bedding, and home-cooked meals, as well as a cozy and realistic glimpse into rural life.

Camping: is a well-liked choice for people who wish to take in the wonders of nature and spend the night under the stars. Near Kalsubai, there are a number of campgrounds that provide tents, sleeping bags, and campfire amenities.

Resorts: The surrounding hill towns of Bhandardara and Igatpuri are home to a number of resorts. These resorts include opulent lodging alternatives such as luxury rooms, cottages, and villas, as well as extras like swimming pools, spas, and dining establishments.

Budget Hotels: The surrounding towns of Igatpuri and Kasara provide a variety of inexpensive lodging options. These lodging establishments provide simple amenities like tidy rooms, comfortable beds, and adjoining toilets, making them an economical choice for tourists on a tight budget.

These are a few of the well-liked lodging choices close to Kalsubai, each of which may accommodate various requirements and price ranges. To guarantee availability, it is advised to reserve your stay in advance, especially during the busiest time of year.

Faq about kalsubai night trek

What is a night hike in Kalsubai?
The tallest mountain in India’s Maharashtra state’s Western Ghats is called Kalsubai. The Kalsubai night trek is a well-liked activity among adventure seekers and entails climbing Kalsubai throughout the night.

How challenging is the Kalsubai night trek?
The Kalsubai night hike is rated as having a moderate degree of difficulty. The ascent takes around 3–4 hours and the distance covered is about 5.5 kilometers. Although the path is clearly signposted, the rough terrain and steep incline make hiking difficult at times.

What time of year is ideal for the Kalsubai night trek?
The Kalsubai night walk is best done between October and February when Maharashtra’s winter season lasts. Trekking is good during this time because of the beautiful weather.

Is the Kalsubai night hike safe to undertake?
Yes, as long as you take the appropriate safety precautions and adhere to the recommended rules, the Kalsubai night hike is safe. It is advised to hike in a group, use appropriate trekking footwear, have enough water and food, and steer clear of trekking during monsoon season.

Are guides required for the Kalsubai night trek?
It is advised to employ a local guide who is knowledgeable about the area and who can offer advice and direction while on the journey, even if it is not required.

What do I need to bring for the Kalsubai night trek?
When traveling during monsoon season, you should bring a backpack with the necessary items, including water, food, a first aid kit, a headlamp or flashlight, trekking shoes, warm clothing, and a raincoat.

How long does the Kalsubai night walk take to complete?
Depending on the pace and condition of the hiker, the Kalsubai night walk takes 3–4 hours to reach the peak.

What lodging alternatives are there close to Kalsubai?
Yes, there are a variety of lodging choices close to Kalsubai, including homestays, campgrounds, resorts, and inexpensive hotels.

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