Chalal Trek: Best Time To Visit

Chalal Trek: In the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, close to Kasol, there is a well-known hiking route called the  Chalal Trek. It is a straightforward walk that passes through picturesque scenery, thick forests, and the Parvati River. Kasol, a small community renowned for its scenic beauty and backpacker culture, is where the trip begins.

Depending on your pace, the Chalal Trek is roughly 2 kilometers long and takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. The track is clearly defined, and if you need assistance, you can readily find local guides or other hikers.

You will through pine and oak tree forests, cross wooden bridges, and take in expansive vistas of the surrounding mountains while on the trip. The trail ascends gradually but is not particularly steep, making it excellent for beginners and nature lovers.

How to reach Chalal Trek

You must first get to Kasol, the trek’s starting point, in order to get to Chalal Trek. The different transit options are as follows:

By Air: Kullu-Manali Airport, commonly known as Bhuntar Airport, is the closest airport to Kasol. Approximately 31 kilometers separate it from Kasol. You can go to Kasol by bus or taxi from the airport. Regular flights from important cities like Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar Airport are run by a number of domestic airlines.

By Train: Joginder Nagar Railway Station, located 144 km away from Kasol, is the closest railway station. However, there is not much train access to Joginder Nagar. As an alternative, you might board a train to one of the stations with superior connectivity: Chandigarh Railway Station or Pathankot Railway Station. To go to Kasol from there, take a bus or order a taxi.

By Road

The distance from Delhi to Kasol is roughly 520 km. From Delhi, you can take the NH44 route via Chandigarh and Mandi by car or by hiring a taxi. Depending on traffic and road conditions, the trip takes about 11–12 hours.

Kasol is approximately 290 kilometers away from Chandigarh. You can take the NH205 route via Rupnagar, Mandi, and Bhuntar by car or by hiring a cab. It takes 7-8 hours to complete the trek.
Approximately 76 kilometers separate Kasol from Manali. From Manali to Kasol, which takes about 2-3 hours, you can either hire a taxi or take a local bus.

You can begin the Chalal Trek once you get to Kasol. The distance from Kasol’s major market to the trailhead for Chalal Trek is only a short stroll. The walk ends in Chalal hamlet, which is easily accessible because of the well-marked track.

Best time to visit Chalal Trek

The months of April through June and September through November are the ideal times to travel to Chalal Trek. Here is a list of the seasons and what they are like:

Spring (April to June): The best season to visit Chalal Trek is in the spring (April to June). With daytime highs of 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), the weather is nice during the spring. The lush, verdant scenery in the area and the blooming flowers add to the trek’s all-around appeal. For photographers and nature enthusiasts, it is a wonderful time.

Monsoon (July to August): Due to the region’s frequent downpours during this time, trekking can be difficult and slick. Landslides happen frequently during this period. Due to safety concerns and poor visibility during the rainy season, trekking is typically not advised. However, you can visit during this period with the right safeguards if you enjoy the soggy scenery and don’t mind the risks.

Autumn (September to November): Another good time to visit Chalal Trek is in the autumn (September to November). Autumn weather is still comfortable, with daytime highs of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius (50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit). Generally speaking, the sky is clear, giving wonderful views of the mountains in the area. The leaves begin to change color, making for a beautiful scene.

Winter (December to March): The Parvati Valley and Chalal can experience severely cold winters with temperatures below zero. It can be difficult for novice trekkers because the area experiences snowfall and the walking trails may be covered in snow. You can visit during this time if you are an experienced trekker and enjoy winter sceneries, but make sure you have the right winter clothing and are ready for inclement weather.

It’s important to remember that the weather might change, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent weather prediction before making travel arrangements. Additionally, weekends and holidays are often busier; so, if you want a more tranquil experience, think about going during the week or an off-peak season.

Chalal Trek
Chalal Trek

Nearest places

In India’s Himachal Pradesh region’s Parvati Valley, Chalal Trek is close to Kasol. Although Kasol is where the Chalal Trek begins, there are a number of other areas nearby that you can explore. Here are a few well-liked locations close to Chalal Trek:

Malana: About 21 km away from Kasol is the lovely village of Malana. It is renowned for the creation of high-quality cannabis as well as its distinctive culture and historical customs. The village provides visitors with a distinctive experience and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Tosh: Tosh is a picturesque town around 20 kilometers outside of Kasol. It is renowned for its unspoiled beauty, verdant meadows, and expansive views of the snow-capped Alps. The well-known Kheerganga Trek can also be accessed from Tosh.

Manikaran: Located around 5 kilometers from Kasol, Manikaran is a well-known Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage place. The Gurudwara Sahib, its shrines, and its hot springs are all well-known. Visitors can take a soak in the Gurudwara’s natural hot springs and savor the mouthwatering langar (community supper).

Kheerganga: About 22 km from Kasol, Kheerganga is a well-liked trekking location. The climb offers beautiful views of the Parvati Valley and passes through picturesque woods and waterfalls. You can unwind in the hot springs at the summit while taking in the tranquil scenery.

Manali: About 75 km away from Kasol is the well-known hill town of Manali. It is renowned for its lively marketplaces, ancient temples, adventure sports, and snow-capped mountains. There are several sports available in Manali, including paragliding, river rafting, skiing, and exploring the Rohtang Pass.

These are only a few examples of the locations close by that you can visit while Chalal Trek is nearby. Himachal Pradesh offers lots of options for exploration and adventure because to its abundance of beautiful areas and natural beauty.

Stay option at Chalal Trek

For hikers and tourists, there are many places to stay in and near Chalal. Here are a few of the preferred options:

Guesthouses & Homestays: Chalal offers a variety of guesthouses and homestays where visitors may get a taste of the community’s hospitality and culture. These lodgings offer cozy rooms with minimal utilities and frequently serve home-cooked food. For anyone seeking an affordable and genuine travel experience, they are a great choice.

Hotels and Resorts in Kasol: Since Kasol is adjacent to Chalal, Kasol itself has a variety of hotels and resorts. These lodgings provide a range of conveniences, including cozy rooms, on-site dining, WiFi, and other features. You may easily see Chalal and other surrounding sights if you stay in Kasol.

Camping: Camping is a popular choice in the Parvati Valley if you’re looking for a more challenging experience. Near Chalal and Kasol, there are campgrounds that provide tents or campsites in beautiful surroundings. Camping gives you the chance to get close to nature and take in the area’s tranquil beauty.

Tosh Village: Tosh, which is close to Chalal, provides lodging choices such as guesthouses and homestays. It is a small community that is encircled by mountains and a wonderful alternative for people looking for a more tranquil stay away from Kasol’s crowds.

It’s a good idea to reserve your accommodations in advance when making travel plans, especially during the busiest travel times. When selecting a place to stay, it’s also a good idea to examine reviews, compare pricing, and take your tastes and budget into account.


How long does the Chalal Trek take?

The Chalal Trek is relatively short, approximately 2 kilometers in length. It usually takes about 1-2 hours to complete, depending on your pace and the time spent exploring along the way.

Is the Chalal Trek difficult?

The Chalal Trek is considered to be an easy trek, suitable for beginners and nature enthusiasts. The trail is well-marked, and the terrain is not very steep, making it accessible for most people.

Do I need a guide for the Chalal Trek?

While the Chalal Trek is relatively straightforward, it’s not mandatory to have a guide. The trail is well-defined, and you can easily navigate it on your own. However, if you are unfamiliar with the area or prefer the assistance of a guide, you can hire one in Kasol.

Are there any entry fees for the Chalal Trek?

There are no specific entry fees for the Chalal Trek. However, if you are entering the Parvati Valley, you may need to obtain a permit or pay an entry fee, depending on the rules and regulations set by the local authorities.

What should I carry during the Chalal Trek?

It is advisable to carry essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, a light rain jacket (during the monsoon season), and a small backpack. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to carry a basic first-aid kit and a camera to capture the beautiful surroundings.

Can I visit Chalal with children or elderly family members?

Yes, Chalal is suitable for people of various age groups, including children and elderly family members. However, it’s important to consider their physical fitness and capabilities. Ensure they are comfortable with the walking distance and terrain.

Are there any accommodation options in Chalal?

Chalal itself has limited accommodation options. Most visitors choose to stay in Kasol, which is nearby and offers a range of guesthouses, homestays, hotels, and resorts.

Is it safe to trek to Chalal?

Generally, Chalal Trek is considered safe. However, it’s important to take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines. Be mindful of your surroundings, carry essentials, trek during daylight hours, and inform someone about your trekking plans.

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