Bhairavgad Trek: Best Time To Visit

Bhairavgad trek: A fort called Bhairavgad, often referred to as Dhakoba, is situated close to Moroshi in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The fort is a well-liked hiking location for thrill seekers.

The ascent of Bhairavgad is a moderately challenging hike that takes 3–4 hours to complete. It takes strength and endurance to navigate the steep, rocky terrain. Beginning in the base village of Bhairavgad, the journey leads you via thick forests, waterfalls, and picturesque valleys.

When you get to the summit, you may take in expansive views of the area, including the local hills, forests, and settlements. Even though the fort at the top is in ruins, there are still some old buildings left, including a temple to Lord Shiva.

How to reach Bhairavgad trek

In the Pune area of Maharashtra, India, close to Moroshi village is where you’ll find the Bhairavgad trek. The following are the options for getting to the Bhairavgad trek base village:

By Road: Pune and Mumbai have excellent road connections to the village of Moroshi. To go to Moroshi village, you can either hire a private car or board a government bus. The Bhairavgad trek’s base hamlet is around 6 kilometers from Moroshi.

By Train: Pune Junction is the railway station closest to the Bhairavgad trek. To go to Moroshi village from Pune, you can either take a state-run bus or rent a private car.

By Air: Pune International Airport is the closest airport to the Bhairavgad trek. To get to Moroshi village from the airport, take a state-run bus or call a taxi.

You can begin the trip to Bhairavgad from the base settlement once you arrive at Moroshi village. It takes about three to four hours to walk up from the settlement. To beat the heat and complete the walk before dusk, it is best to get out early in the morning.
Optimal Period for Bhairavgad Trek

Best time to visit

It is advised to travel to Bhairavgad Trek in Maharashtra, India, between November and February when the weather is lovely and the temperature is moderate. The sky is clear at this time, and you may take in breath-taking vistas of the nearby hills and valleys.

The monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, is not advised for those who want to go on the Bhairavgad Trek because of the possibility of dangerously slick and unstable routes. Similarly, the trek can be challenging and uncomfortable during the hot and muggy summer months (March to May).

To have a relaxing and delightful trekking experience, schedule your trip to the Bhairavgad Trek during the winter. Before setting off on a journey, it is, however, always important to check the weather forecast and pack the right gear.

 Bhairavgad trek

Neared place Bhairavgad trek

The Bhairavgad walk is situated in Malshej Ghat, a mountain pass in Maharashtra, India’s Western Ghats.

If you’re looking for locations to visit close by, you have a number of choices, including:

Malshej Ghat: Malshej Ghat is next to the picturesque Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, which provides stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Near the Bhairavgad Trek, there is a medieval fort called Harishchandragad Fort, which is renowned for its breathtaking views, old temples, and difficult trekking paths.

Ajoba Hill Fort is a picturesque hill fort close to the Bhairavgad Trek and is well-known for its stunning waterfalls, extensive forests, and sweeping vistas.

The legendary Maratha warrior ruler Shivaji Maharaj was born at Shivneri Fort, a historic fort close to Junnar in Maharashtra.

These locations are perfect for exploring following your Bhairavgad trip since they provide stunning natural scenery, interesting historical sites, and chances for trekking and adventure sports.

 Bhairavgad trek

Stay option

The following table lists some of the preferred lodging choices for the Bhairavgad trek:

Place to Stay OptionAccommodation TypeRange of costs (per night)
Government-run resort MTDC Resort Malshej Ghat INR 1500–3500
INR 8000–12000 Saj By The Lake Malshej Ghat Luxury resort

Anandvan Resort Bhandardara Expensive resort 7000–12000 INR
Budget hotel in Malshej Ghat: Yash Resort INR 2000–3000
Manas Resort Igatpuri Expensive resort 6000–12000 INR

Eco-friendly retreat The Herb Farm Bhandardara INR 4500–7000
Panchgani Health Resort INR 5000–10,000 Panchgani Health Resort

Please take note that the prices listed in the table are merely suggestions and could fluctuate depending on the time of year, supply, and other variables. Before booking a reservation, it’s a good idea to verify the most recent rates and space.


How challenging is the trek to Bhairavgad?
The Bhairavgad walk is regarded as a moderately difficult trek with some challenging hills and rocky terrain. It takes about 3–4 hours to get there, and you need to be physically active.

What time of year is ideal for the Bhairavgad trek?
The Bhairavgad trek is best completed between the months of November and February when the weather is pleasant and the temperature is moderate.

Is the Bhairavgad trek safe to undertake?
If you take the appropriate safety precautions and adhere to the recommended instructions, the Bhairavgad walk is generally safe. It’s crucial to take adequate water and food, wear supportive, comfortable shoes, and avoid hiking during the rainy season when the terrain can be treacherous and slick.

How long does the Bhairavgad trek take to complete?
Depending on your pace and degree of fitness, you can climb Bhairavgad in 3–4 hours. It could take another two to three hours to descend.

What should I pack for the Bhairavgad trek?
Comfortable, durable shoes, a backpack, a water bottle, food, a first aid kit, a trekking stick (optional), and warm clothing during the winter months are some items you’ll want to pack for the Bhairavgad walk.

Can you tent on the Bhairavgad trek?
Due to the Bhairavgad trek’s proximity to a protected area, camping is not permitted. However, there are a number of lodging choices close to the trekking base, including lodges, resorts, and homestays.

The Bhairavgad trek is appropriate for novices.
Although the Bhairavgad trek is regarded as being of moderate difficulty, it is not suggested for absolute beginners. It needs a high level of physical preparedness, endurance, and prior trekking knowledge. However, beginners can certainly try the hike with the right planning and direction.

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